Christmas dinner.

This year I am going to make my blog a bit more personal and write a bit about each food and our families experience. I will also try to take more food pics because they are lovely and spice up a blog.

Christmas was at our house this year so that made me food boss. My mission was to make it easy and do as much pre the day before, I am pleased to say that I proudly achieved this. Our Christmas day menu was-

Water melon, olive, feta salad with mint.  I used a recipe from Feast Bazaar.The recipe is everywhere if you google and find one to your taste.

Main was Lamb Tagine with Figs and Almonds. (cooked in slow cooker). Normally things taste like they were cooked in a slow cooker and have the generic taste . This didn’t. I got it all ready the night before and stuck it in the fridge in the slow cooker liner. Christmas morning I got it out of the fridge for a bit to reach room temp and them stuck it on. It was served with cous cous which I added some roast veg to & 5 minute bread.
I would do this again, it was so nice not to be in the kitchen missing everything.
For pudding we had  ( all homemade) Baklava, Turkish delight and Mikey’s minty delights.

Lamb Tagine with Figs and Almonds.
From- Hamlyn 200 Slow Cooker Recipes    p 110  I got it here.

1 tablespoon Olive oil
750 grms Lamb fillets diced
1 onion, sliced
2 garlic cloves
2.5 cm fresh root ginger
2 tablespoons plain flour
600 ml Lamb stock ( I used beef)
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
2 large pinches of saffron
75 grms figs stalked cut off and fruit diced
40 grms toasted flaked almonds
salt & pepper

– I added another step and marinaded the lamb with ground cumin, paprika and all spice.
Preheat the slow cooker
Heat oil and brown lamb
Remove from pan and add to slow cooker
Add onion and fry until softened, stir in garlic and ginger
Mix in flour

Gradually stir in stock. Add spices, figs and a little salt and pepper
Bring to the boil, stirring
Spoon into slow cooker and cover.
I cooked it on high for 5 hours.
Sprinkle with almonds before serving.

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