Made up fruit cake

Me and the girl had a lovely time rolling the linzer cookies and screeching every time they came out. I used the recipe on the packet but it didn’t work for us. It seemed too buttery. I am sure the kids will eat the blobs when we visit friends tomorrow.

However, I did make a rather nice bits and pieces fruit cake that I cooked in a shallow rectangular tin. I can only give a rough guide. I also found this website-

Made up fruit cake
150 grm softened butter
150 grms caster sugar
150 grms flour
2 eggs
Almond essence to your taste
Small splash of rosewater
2 cups of dried fruit, chocolate, nuts
(I used sultanas and craisins that I had soaked in OJ, bit of Whittaker’s white choc and walnuts)

Cream butter and sugar
Beat in flour
Beat in eggs
add essence

Stir in fruit mix
Bake at 180 for 20-30 mins

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