Beef Rendang and other lovely bits.

I love beef rendang and found this post on the spice paste I had been using.

The Brahim’s Rendang paste is good on its own but the hints on the blog really enhance its flavour and give it depth. I buy the paste for around $3.50 a sachet at David’s trading in Petone and am pleased it should be available in Australia too.
The past 2 times I have cooked this I have used the slow cooker and my own method.
Using just one frying pan/wok-

Toast 1/2 cup coconut  and then grind gently in a mortar and pestle, I will not shoot you if you don’t grind.
Sear beef cubes in same pan with a little oil, place in slow cooker.
Thinly slice 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic and chilli to your taste. Sauté in a little oil in the pan. Once they are getting soft add spice paste and cook until it starts releasing its flavour.

Add 1/2 c water as per directions on the packet. Add to slow cooker.
This can be left on for ages. Today I also added some par boiled potatoes, not true to a Rendang but they tasted good.
I served with some peanuts (not salted),  tomato/onion/cucumber salad and some Acar which was ready made and from a jar.  Finding Acar in a jar was a personal mission of mine. I got it in the Dutch shop, I mean, where else would you look for a Malaysian pickle?
We also had roti and rice. Oh it was all very nice and we have left overs. Tuesday night will be Rendang pie in my house.

 An Indonesian version of Acar


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