A productive Monday- Caramel Oaty Slice and Swiss roll

Yesterday I had one of those productive mornings. Turned cheap good quality mince into chilli and savoury mince ( Bolognaise type), made a Swiss roll and more, yes more forgotten cookies. Miss pointed out that in the house we currently have caramel oat slice, forgotten cookies and Swiss roll, I think she was trying to hint at a bit of a baking excess. I am giving the forgotten cookies away. Oh, they were Cadbury Rocky Road ones and rather yum.

As it was Mr Muffins birthday on Monday he got two treats the caramel oat slice on Friday and  the Swiss roll on Monday. Both were fab. I liked the oat slice (calling it that makes it seem healthier) as it was done just on one bake, some recipes call for the base to be cooked seperate, way to faffy for me.

The recipe was from April/May 2011 Foodtown Mag on p125 
The Lily Pad Cafe’s caramel oaty slice
1cup flour
1/2 cup each SR flour, desiccated coconut
1 1/2 c quick cook rolled oats
1 egg lightly beaten
150 g butter, melted
100g butter, melted
395 g can sweetened condensed milk
2 tble spoons golden syrup
1/2 tsp Vanilla essence
Oven 180
Line 30 x20 slice pan with baking paper
Prepare filling first
Combine all filling ingredients in a saucepan and stir over a low heat until the mixture is thick.
(took a good while and lots of stirring)
Leave to cool slightly
to make base
Place all dry ingredients in a bowl, combine.
Add egg and butter, mix well.
Press 3/4 into tin
Pour filling over the base and then sprinkle with remaining base mix
Cook for about 30 mins or until golden brown. It may be wobbly but will set as it cools.
Swiss Roll
I used the egg method sponge cake recipe, it is a good one to have on hand (or head).
Weigh eggs in their shell, I used 2. Measure all other ingredients the same as this weight.
softened butter
caster sugar
SR flour
1 tsp baking powder
splash of milk to make batter spreadable
Jam mixed with a little warm water to make it easy to spread.
Oven 180
Line a Swiss roll tin with baking paper
Cream butter and sugar
Add eggs one at a time beating in between
Add flour and baking powder and beat in
Add milk until batter is spreadable
Spread mixture evenly around tin
Bake for around 15 mins or until sponge springs back at your touch.
As soon as you remove from the oven tip on to a clean tea towel, remove baking paper and roll.
Leave to cool wrapped in tea towel
Carefully unroll spread jam over and roll back up without the tea towel

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