The easiest Cheese Scone recipe in the world

I have adapted this recipe from Sophie Gray, when I say adapted I mean that I don’t measure but just use enough mixture. I often make me and Miss a scone each if the oven is going on. So here you go-
Self raising flour
Grated cheese
enough milk to form a dough
Use equal amounts of SR flour and grated cheese
Stir in the milk until you have a dough -I use a fork for this
Splodge the mix on a greased tin and top with a little cheese
Cook for around 15 minutes at around 180 or whatever you are putting the oven on at.
For the ones in the photo I plopped Miss a scone out first and the added Dijion mustard to the remaining mixture- yum.

4 thoughts on “The easiest Cheese Scone recipe in the world

  1. Now, this is what I've been looking for! Not only am I 'scone challenged', but my sweetie won't eat cheese and so a large batch of scones is wasted just on me. I'll give this recipe a try – perfect!

  2. Hope they turn out fab. I find you can add just about anything to them. My instructions are vague because it really is a matter of making how many you need.

  3. Discovered this blog thanks to Cafe Chick's tweets. I am thinking of starting regular (once a week) afternoon teas at the office and this recipe sounds super simple. I used to make the plain ones with a can of lemonade but my hubby likes cheese. I can get him to make his own!

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