Women’s Own Cook Book- 1964

I got this book in an op shop for $4. It has the original old dears book marks in it and is a bit of an eye opener. It is an English book with a wonderful section in the back that gives you an idea of what to expect abroad. I have included the NZ part so that we know what we should be doing here in NZ.
Imagine making these for your kids party?
or these
I do like the weight chart- 
Oh and the information on Kiwi women

And some random pages-

2 thoughts on “Women’s Own Cook Book- 1964

  1. fark, 8 stone 8 for a 5ft 30yo woman! i am well buggered then, that's only about 55kg. what, were they supposed to cook everything but eat nothing?love how the kids get a different pudding every night. my kids get dessert once a week if they're lucky… and even then only ice cream in a cone haha.

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