Packet Mix Cake – please forgive me, I have sinned.

Please forgive me, I have made a packet mix cake.
Miss asked for a chocolate cake, she wanted a chocolate Victoria sponge but I fancied cafe style chocolate cake. I was looking at the price of chocolate to go in one and noticed it was cheaper to buy a packet mix, curiosity got the better of me and here were are. 

The cake is currently looking rather huge in the kitchen (cooked in 20cm tin)  and waiting to be decorated by Miss when she gets home from school. We shall consume and report later.

Decorated, tried and we all agree- my cakes are far better. I found it oily and tasteless. Oh well, now we know. It will be finished up in lunch boxes.

Must just add, it did get slightly better as the days went on and it got eaten. I wouldn’t buy it again though. 

One thought on “Packet Mix Cake – please forgive me, I have sinned.

  1. To redeem yourself: Cheese sconesCheese sconesTurn oven to 220C.60g unsalted butter – really cold170g flour10g sugar15g baking powder1/4 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon saltGrated cheese25ml lemon juice16Oml creamCombine cream and lemon juice. Grate the butter into the dry ingredients. Mix to combine. Pour in the cream mix and combine to dough. Knead into a rectangle ona floured bench. Roll out and place some grated cheese and rocket in the middlethird. Fold over both ends. Rotate 90 degrees and repeat three times.If you like, rest for 30 mins in the fridge.Cut into 10. Put scones in oven and turn down to 190c. After 8 minutes rotatethe tray and cook a further 5 minutes, or until brown. Serve warm.

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