Lunch at home

I often get asked what I had for lunch and people seem impressed, I have no idea why?

Today I had a toasted wrap, it tastes pretty flash but is easy. I buy a pack of 15 tortilla from the Signature Range line. Miss eats them as snacks and I could easily make them but I like having them ready in the fridge.
In this wrap I put some grated Mozzarella/pizza cheese, 2 cut up grilled sun-dried tomatoes, chopped spring onion and salsa verde.I just stuck it in the pre-heated sandwich press and had a chuckle while it bubbled and spat. It made for a really nice lunch with a blob of full fat sour cream, none of that gloopy low fat stuff that never tastes like sour cream in my house.
The tomatoes were from the fantastic On Trays in Petone. They specialise in a range called ‘I am slightly out of date therefore you must buy me on your way out of the door’ products that get me every time. If you don’t know where they are you are a food sinner and here is their website.
The salsa is stocked in most PakNSaves and is from Rio Dolores.
I followed that with some good old Kindy fruit, why does it always taste better cut up? I then followed the fruit with a Mexican hot Chocolate ball.

One thought on “Lunch at home

  1. beats a Vegemite sandwich that's for sure! thanks for the idea, I always get stuck what to make for lunch at home especially when i have visitors at that time and want to ask them to stay but don't want to serve them up baked beans on toast!

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