Shredded Chicken Tortillas with La Morena Chipotle sauce

How can you not love a dinner that starts out with a tin like this? I buy this sauce where ever I see it. On Trays usually have it in their little Mexican corner. The full range in these tins is good and full of flavour.
This is a developed over time recipe and one of our favourites. 
Pre-heat oven -180 
1 chicken breast 
1 tin of La Morena chilpotle sauce
2 wraps (maybe 3)
Grated cheese to cover

Gently fry a chicken breast in a little oil until cooked through. I season with smoked paprika. 

Put the breast into a bowl and shred with 2 forks.
Add about 2/3 of the tin, cover and place in the fridge if not rolling wraps straight away.
Fold, place on a baking tray
Cover with remaining sauce and cheese
Bake until brown, usually around 25 minutes

There is probably enough in the jar for 2 breasts 4/5 wraps as it is strong tasting. I sometimes hide spinach or other vegetables in with the chicken.
I serve with green salsa, sour cream and whatever else takes my fancy. It goes well with rice as well as the humble spud.

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