Chicken and Broccoli Lasagne with Coleslaw and Roast Vegetables

This recipe came fromthe August 2010 edition.
It is basically a lasagne made with chicken mince which has broccoli as a layer too. The consensus in this house was that spinach tastes far better as a layer and us girls would rather have the trees on the side of the plate, the boy only eats trees in stir fries. We did like the chicken mince for a change.
As a side we had coleslaw and roast vegetables. The veg were pretty simple average roast veg with a sprinkle of olive oil (OK a glug or 5) and some Masterfood Tuscan seasoning. I like that seasoning as it adds a garlic and herb taste, I do not generally use the mixes but that one and the all Purpose mix which adds a nice taste to chips or roast spuds.
With it I served coleslaw. Coleslaw is one of those things that is easy but tend to be done differently by everyone. I learnt my basic one from my lovely mummy and it is done more by site and amount needed for a portion than a recipe. 
The basic ingredients are-
Cabbage (red or green)
Heinz Salad cream
Grate carrot and slice onion and carrot to roughly the same size.
Add salad cream and mayo, I use a 1:2 ratio
Mix and refrigerate
I would be more specific but there isn’t much to it and your taste buds are different to mine.
So my general opinion is that I would make a chicken mince lasagne but not to this recipe.
How do you make your Coleslaw?

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