I didn’t like this cake, it did get eaten.

It would be easier to pretend I liked everything I made and it all came out perfect, but it would not be true. When I have failures or I don’t particularly like something I do have a good sulk. This cake was one of those moments. I am not sure what I didn’t like but think that two things may have contributed to this feeling. The first being, it was over mixed and the other being, rather obviously, it was over coloured.
I have new Wilton food colouring pots and Miss Muffin was very eager to make a marble cake for a play date she had on Monday. I think the pair of us got a bit heavy handed with the colouring and this made the cake taste strange. Also, with the adding of the colouring the cake got over mixed. The recipe I used was from Ladies, A Plate by Alexa Johnston and I have great faith in the goddess and her recipes. Only the cake was from the book, the disaster icing was from some random American website.
The icing, well, it was one of those mistakes that I will not repeat. Miss Muffin has been taking the cake in for school lunch and giving the icing to her peers, who apparently like it. Mad children. It was supposed to be a chocolate caramel/ fudge icing. I am not going to say any more about that.

Now, I have confessed it is time to finish going on about it and bake something else. Will you confess your worst baking story?

5 thoughts on “I didn’t like this cake, it did get eaten.

  1. Muffinmum, i have happily sampled many of your creations including a Popcorn, pretzel and marshmallow cake and I'm not sure I would be keen for this one. It's a rove moment ….. "what the?"

  2. Tried to make hot cross buns this Easter….unmitigated disaster. More dangerous weapons rather then delightful baking, seriously they could have knocked people out, leaden an understatement!

  3. So many disasters. I'm baking for gluten, egg, and dairy free people. If something works I feel like throwing a little party to celebrate. My trays of biscuits come out like sheets of glue. My brownie turned into chocolate chewing gum. Now my family are served only one thing – The Cake. It's one recipe that actually works. They get The Cake in all of the variations I can muster and nothing more.

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