Chocolate salami

I first heard of chocolate salami just as the festive season started kicking off. I made a good few and kind of forgot about it and didn’t blog the process. Its origins are from Europe and it is claimed by many cultures. It makes a very good gift ad can be adapted to suit different tastes. I have only made it with dark chocolate (Whittaker’s) as I think it is one of those things that should be kept grown up tasting. I have used the 50% this time as there are other tastes that need to shine through too. You also vary the type of biscuit. I used ginger as I am taking this salami to a friends house who is cooking me a lovely Korean meal and I felt ginger would go well with the meal.

Every time I have been present when one of these was opened people have been gob smacked and impressed, I do rather enjoy that kind of response. I have also been met with, “is there any meat in it?”.

Chocolate Salami

200 g of a good dark chocolate chopped

100 g butter, at room temperature chopped into squares

2 egg yolks (use whites for Forgotten cookies)
1 tsp (or more to taste) of a spirit (gin, rum, something that needs using up)
1/2 tsp chilli flakes
5o grm of one of those fruit/nut mixes chopped up
6-8 biscuits chopped, not too small

1 tablespoon cocoa powder
1 tsp of flaked salt
icing sugar

1 tube from inside a kitchen roll

a loaf tin

cling wrap

Place butter and chocolate in a microwave proof bowl, cover

Microwave for 1 minute, let it sit while you chop bits, microwave for another minute

Stir chocolate mix gently until glossy

Gently stir in biscuits and fruit/nut mix

Break egg yolks into a small bowl , add spirit and chilli flakes

Stir until mixed

Add to chocolate mix until incorporated with the cocoa and salt
Now come the fiddly bit-

Cut the tube once length ways

Place in loaf tin and line the inside of the roll with cling wrap, leave lots of excess at each end

I peg open one side of the roll, pegs on roll and loaf tin

Fill the centre of the tube with the mix until it looks full

Grab your excess cling wrap and roll each side together, fold in the each end too

Cool and store until your moment is close (can go in fridge)
To present-

Unwrap the salami

Roll in lots of icing sugar, making sure it gets into all the creases

To gift, I wrap it in doubled over grease proof paper and tie a bow at each end

It is good to label it in your own fancy way so your friend know what it is.


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