I love dumplings, pan-fried/ pot-stickers are my favorite. I made these one and am very proud.


A friend told me that they are for left overs, yes ma-am, you know who you are . I have put off actually embarking on the making of dumplings as I have a few friends who do it oh so well and I have worried about not being able to get them so perfect and vacuum packed. I decided to get over my fear and jump right in.

I googled ‘The Dumpling House’ as I knew Vicky was Wellington’s own dumpling queen. She is the cheeky lady in the corner at The City Market. Through Google I found a meet up group called The Wellington Foodies and they had a class planned. I joined the site, pondered my ability to turn up at someones house in a mystery location and to walk in to a room full of strangers. Whilst I pondered these facts the class filled up and I placed myself on the waiting list. After a few days I got an invite, I quickly paid before I could change my mind and committed myself.  I am so pleased I did, I had a wonderful evening with lovely people. This all too place in a beautiful private house with a great kitchen. Oh, and being Wellington, I walked in and knew 2 people out of the 8 as they both work on Vic Uni campus where my bank is based. None of the strangers stayed that way for long, we were all a chatty bunch. I can’t wait to go to another meet up.

Vicky came with the dough prepared but taught us how to roll it- through the pasta machine and how to best cut it. She also had the pork filling largely prepared so we could concentrate on learning all of the folds. The recipe for that was very similar to Poh’s on here, Vicky had used just flour for the skins. I am not going to give amazing instruction as you too should find your own way in to the world of the dumpling. Theses babies were steamed in bamboo baskets for around 6 minutes. They were very lovely and served with a special secret dipping sauce along with another spicy numbers. The night didn’t end there.

We made dumplings for pudding. These little balls of stodge with their lovely filling floated in the most delicious broth. Vicky was kind of trying these out on us and they were a hit. The only part we played was in the rolling and making the little round morsels. I have never tried anything like this before and would love to again. If Vicky ever gives in to the cries of, “open a restaurant” I will be at her door and want these again.



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