Spider Leg Beef

Spider Leg Beef
Yes, you read right. I have no idea why but this is what this beef is to me. I make it to go on top of stir fried vegetable and noodles. Miss Muffin likes just plain beef so I get to funk these legs up and make them good and tasty. Getting these how you like them is the key and just knowing that you can do that lovely crispy beef may just make your day. My one tip is, cook it a little bit longer than you think. On the way to being black is the way to go.
I am going to be vague and give you a rough idea and my way.

Enough stir fry beef strips for you and yours
Corn flour
Course ground black pepper
Chilli flakes
Thai sweet chilli sauce (one with lime is good)

Put corn flour in a bowl, add pepper and chilli flakes, be heavy handed. Make sure it is enough to cover the beef and a bit more.
Put Beef into the bowl and stir carefully so it is all covered. Stir a bit more, cover and leave to stand for about 10 or so minutes.
Heat a frying pan, add enough oil for a good fry but not too much. When nice and hot put the beef into the pan separating the strips as you go. I use tongs.
Cook the beef until brown, when some are almost black, add a good glug of the Thai Chilli to coast all the bits. Keep turning and cook until crispy.
Enjoy those spider legs.

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