Jamie’s 15-Minute Meals, Lamb Kofte Pitta and Greek Salad, p108

ImageToday we decided to have a little lunch challenge, Mr Muffin selected the recipe . I was the cook and had to do the meal as close to 15 minutes as I could. I managed 24 minutes and think I could get it down faster next time and would make a few tweaks to suit our eating style a little more.

– mix the grated cucumber and onion in with the yoghurt and add the mint

– omit the mint from the couscous and add some of the lemon zest

– add some crushed garlic to the mince

I am not going to publish the recipe as most libraries will have the book or you can get it yourself, it is rather good. This made a lovely lunch. I would recommend the book.


Here is another Jamie post – https://emmaeatsnz.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/jamies-15-minute-mealsgorgeous-greek-chicken-herby-vegetable-couscous-and-tzatziki-p38/

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