Corn Tortillas, using my press


Do you know how easy it is to make corn tortillas?
They taste so good cooked fresh and are just lovely. It easier if you spend a bit of money, then get obsessed and put your new gadget to the test.
This gadget is a tortilla press; I got mine from one of the best food shops in the world, Ontrays in Petone. I also got the yellow and blue masa (corn) flour from the shop. The flour seems costly at first and then you realise how little is used for a good portion. I use around a cup for 8+ breads.

* exciting news for NZ , La Boca Loca has an online shop-
I can’t really write out a recipe for these as they are that easy. I didn’t believe it until I was lucky enough to go to La Boca Loca for a Mexican food lesson.
Here is a basic guide-
1 cup of Masa flour
Pinch salt
Enough cold water to make a playdoh like consistency that comes together when you get your hands in the mix
Heat 1 or 2 flat pans
Break dough into golf ball size rounds, you should get around 8
Get your press (or rolling pin/ 2 plates) and cut 2 pieces of greaseproof paper
Put 1 piece of paper on press and place ball on
Lightly squash the ball, just a little cover with other piece
Close the press, open and turn about 1/3, repeat and turn

To cook place in dry pan
Turn when the edges have started browning and get little dark spots
There is a knack in knowing when they are cooked and you need to find your personal preference.

The tortillas are not very big but big enough to get a couple of tasty bites
Put the tortilla in the pan, you kind of want to brown the edges and then flip
Put cooked tortillas between a folded clean tea towel to keep warm.
They really are excellent and easy. The ones in the photo below are served with a battered fish and were really good.


6 thoughts on “Corn Tortillas, using my press

  1. Nice job. I’ve never seen blue masa before, but when I make things from scratch, I love making them with slightly oddball ingredients as it makes it so much more special and worth the extra effort. Does blue masa taste different to yellow?

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