The Dinner Rut Situation – Problem Solved

So, I gave myself a challenge and made it public via my facebook page-

“I am in one of those dinner low spots. The place where it seems like you eat the same old things over and over. It makes me feel as if I have nothing to blog about.
I have decided to fix this with a challenge. This challenge is 6 days, 6 new recipes. This afternoon me and Miss Muffin will search through the recipe books and find recipes, write a shopping list ready for Sunday and spend some quality time together. I will post the menu as soon as it is set in stone”

20130822_152538So we hunted through my many, many books. Miss was Almost helpful, she did come up with half the ideas with a bit of coaching. We managed to reduce the pile and came up with 6 meals that were not hugely different from how we usually eat but had that extra something. We varied the meats too and I even saw a way to be efficient.


To those outside of New Zealand, I must apologies, the Kiwi books dominate. Sophie Gray books are available in the UK, at least the latest ones.

Well, drum roll. Here is the list. I will highlight and link to each day as we write it up.

Monday- Noodles with slivered beef and red capsicum, Delicious by Sophie Grey

Tuesday- Caramelised onion and sausage tart, 100+ Tasty Meals by Sophie Grey

Wednesday- Chicken lasagne, World Kitchen by Nici Wikes

Thursday- Chilli con carne meatballs, Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals by Jamie Oliver

Friday- BBQ chicken pizza, Feed The Family for $15 or Less, Sophie Grey

Weekend meal – One pan chicken couscous, Easy Good Food Slow Cooker Favourties .
                               Mexican chicken stew, Easy Good Food Slow Cooker Favourites

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