This Week- Wellington Foodies and a Mini Mazzer Coffee Grinder.



One evening in the week I was having a Facebook conversation with a friend about my lack of winning luck. The next day I received and email telling me I had won a Mini Mazzer Coffee Grinder for swiping my Countdown Onecard. I am still trying to get over the shock and have figured out how to use this beauty. I had one of the best plunger coffees ever this morning. My winning swipe was for buying Hummingbird Coffee which is my all time favourite plunger coffee. I am now going to buy all the coffee gadgets and enjoy this machine. So, thank you Hummingbird Coffee and Countdown.

Wellington Foodies

My other news this week , I plucked up the courage and asked to become part of something I love. For the past year I have been attending Wellington Foodie Meet Up events. I have really enjoyed everything I have done and the varied people. It is a really great way to get out, do the things I love and meet like minded food obsessed beings. After a bit of thinking and pondering I realised that I really wanted to be more than a participant and asked if this would be possible. I am now lucky enough to be an Assistant Organiser. I am not sure what it entails and I look forward to finding out.

This particularly makes me happy as I do not have any grand plans for food based paid work. I actually rather enjoy being the bank lady at Victoria University and I can use my crazy food mind for good.

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