Kiwi Mummy Blog Review- Anais Anais,Cacharel by NZ Accessorise Perfume

Occasionally I am going to do the odd post that doesn’t involve food. Shock, horror. Lately I have been reviewing various products and I will publish some of these reviews on here. I enjoy being part of a review process and like having the opportunity. So, here we go-

Kiwi Mummy Blog Review–  Anais Anais, Cacharel  by by NZ Accessorise Perfume


I was lucky enough to be asked to review a perfume. I had a choice of many but went with the old classic Anais Anais. Not the most modern of perfumes but a beautiful flowery scent. It is one of those smells that just suits me and makes me smile and think of happy days. It is with these happy thoughts that I applied the perfume and hoped for the best.

The first thing I noticed about this perfume was the way it is applied. Rather than a mist spray the bottle has a roller ball on the end and can be applied exactly where you want it. I liked this feature as it meant clothes didn’t get sprayed and it all went on me. The perfume is also oil based and sunk into my skin quickly without leaving a residue. I feel that this also meant the scent stayed on me all day, this surprised me. I don’t usually still notice a perfume at the end of the day.

I really like this product and would buy other scents. The bottle is a great size and can be carried around, not that you would need to as it is a good quality and lasts a long time. Have a look at the selection as there are many scents and at the price you could get yourself a whole collection of your favourites.

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