Supermarket must haves – Alamir Bakery Pita

I love other peoples cupboards/pantries. I love the quick glance you get when they take something out and the things you get to see. I bet I am not alone and have some odd bits in ours. I was thinking about this and considered it a good idea for a post once in a while. I guess that similar products would be for sale around the world.

As we didn’t grow up in New Zealand (English) we have very little brand loyalty. We don’t have the buy a certain make of baked beans thing because they taste like childhood. Over the past 12 years in NZ we have found brands of things we prefer and have a few pantry basic.  In those 12 years it has been great to see the supermarkets become far more international and makes it so much easier for shopping. That leads me on nicely to my first must have, Alamir Bakery Pita.


These pita are incredibly versatile and very economical. They don’t come in the flashest packaging and have only just been sold in the Wellington region Countdown stores but have been available in New World for a while. They come in a pack of 5 and in different sizes. You can get either white or wholemeal. We have either and like both.

I brush them with olive oil on each side, grill and cut into triangles. They make a great accompaniment for sauce based dinners and things like pasta or curry.

In this photograph I have used them as a pizza base and used up bits from the fridge. We often have this as a weekend tea and it sure makes a change from cheese toasties or cheese on toast.  I spray one side of each base with oil, grill to just crisp, turn the bread over and cover with any toppings we fancy. As you can see from the photo, they make a lovely thin crust pizza, better than many pizzas I have had out.

Here we had- cheese and tomato

pastrami and BBQ sauce

bean based dip, fresh tomato and jar chilli

They have a rather basic but good cafe in Miramar, it is worth a visit.

2 thoughts on “Supermarket must haves – Alamir Bakery Pita

  1. We love these pita breads for pizza bases too! I’m a New World & Moore Wilsons fan, so have been buying them for quite a few years 🙂

    • We have too, they are often stacked in strange corners and hard to find. I know all the secret spots. I am pleased Countdown is now doing them as we are not a fan of their bread.

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