The new oven, Fisher and Paykel 60cm Single 9 Function Built-in Oven


I sound a little old fashioned but, I am one lucky lady. I have a new oven and I love it. It is mainly mine but I will occasionally share it with other members of my family. I like this photo because you can almost see me.

Our house was renovated by the people who owned it before us. I don’t think they spent much on the fitted oven. When we moved in its thermostat didn’t work. That got fixed and then is has slowly started being very temperamental about which bits it liked to cook. No word of a lie, it started cooking in a diagonal pattern. Our relationship had to come to an end.

I did my research and got slightly rather influenced by friends and food magazines and went for the Fisher & Paykel 60cm Single 9 Function Built-in Oven. I figured if I was buying NZ products I should buy local too. I emailed our local 100% store and got myself a nice deal. It was fitted in and working within the week. Thanks Alan in Johnsonville, great service.

This oven is the bomb. It looks far more space age than it is and is rather easy to use. It has nifty features like a count up to how close the temperature is, preset temperatures for the functions, beeps when ready and the ability to switch between functions. Also, it is clean, oh so clean (must go give it a wipe).  I have been using it for all sort and am having a great time. The best parts so far have been the pastry and the bread, I must blog the bread recipe. Oh and have to add, it is a small BIG oven. The old one was small this is vast.

Any way, a quick snap shot of some of the bounty. Miss Muffin is on a quiche crusade, the strange child would eat quiche every day if she could.


* would like to add that have been in no way asked to write this post by F&P or 100%.

3 thoughts on “The new oven, Fisher and Paykel 60cm Single 9 Function Built-in Oven

  1. I am still in love with my new double oven two years on! I learned the hard way that I had to adjust my recipes to accommodate an accurate oven, something I’d never had before. It explained why my friend couldn’t make my brownie recipe quite as well as me. It was also why my no-fail pavlova suddenly failed … but now I have the luxury of following new recipes and knowing that the temperature required is exactly what I’m getting. Happy cooking!

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