A decent lunch for work, roast vegetables and chickpeas with quinoa and brown rice

Photo 6-01-14 11 36 45 am (HDR)

It isn’t as hard as it looks, honest. I have been regularly taking enough lunch to last three days and I always feel so much better for it. I am not a natural meat eater and always have a homemade vegetarian lunch. I only do three days as I find that is how long it tastes good for and I take it all in in one go and heat it only for 1 minute in the bowl I eat from.

Store the vegetables separate from any other additions otherwise everything ends up tasting the same and get olive oil on it. Every week I think, should have blogged that but never do and have decided that I will try to give some lunch inspiration.

This week’s meal is pretty easy-

Choose your favourite vegetables to roast, remember it is for you so you can pick ones no one else likes. This week I have kumara (sweet potato) , carrot, pumpkin, white onion and red capsicum.

I chop enough vegetables to cover my medium roasting pan and I have found keeping them medium size (around 3cm square) means you can tasteeach veg. After a few times you will figure out what you need and what you like.

I drizzle the veg with olive oil and a sprinkle of  MasterFoods Tuscan seasoning, it is a great seasoning and I have to take it to the UK for my parents. These were roasted until browned and soft. When they are done let them cool in the tin for a good while before transporting to your chose vessel. When completely cool, put the veg in the fridge.

To go with my roast veg this week I have cooked rice and quinoa to go with it. I use the SunRice mix and cook it according to instructions. I leave this to cool and stick in the fridge.

One of the secrets to a good lunch is the little extras. This week I have also taken along coriander, tomatoes, a nice juicy lemon and some roasted chickpeas that I stuck in the oven as I had a moment of inspiration. The chickpeas are so easy and so good, I used one tin and will do these regularly. I also have a pepper grinder at work and some salt.

It may read like hard work and I may sound vague, it really is about you eating a decent lunch that you like. Too often we adjust our cooking to suit others and lunch can be a moment where you get to claim a meal for yourself. You might not like my way but I might inspire you to find yours.

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