So, we went to the buffet restaurant that begins with a V.

The buffet restaurant beginning with V in  Petone – the story.

* these are my personal views only

The face when she tried the tinned pineapple from the salad bar.

The face when she tried the tinned pineapple from the salad bar.

The reason we went was because I have always been curious about this place where there is always people going in in big groups and it is often busy. I seriously thought we might be missing out on some marvelous experience when we went for our $10 curry, rice and naan. I really did, I have to say, I WAS SO WRONG.

It is coming up to voucher use up time and Valentines is in there, as I was going on a shopping trip with Miss Muffin  and my friend Ange , I thought we could use it up to see what the place was really like. I should have listened to my freind on Facebook who said, don’t.

So, that is why we went. We will never ever set foot in the place again. I know that now and my curiosity has been well and truly quashed. It was dire. It was the worst food I have ever eaten or seen on display. It really was that bad.

I had chicken and cashew noodles from the hot station. It was room temperature, the chicken was tofu and it was the most OK thing there. I also had enchiladas, they were just about cold and filled with mince. In the mince I found a huge piece of gristle, when our plates were taken I told the staff member. They gave us Ange’s drink for free, yes, Ange’s drink?

After that I tried to play it safe and had tinned beans on nachos with tinned beetroot, odd mix but I needed something. It was as OK as tinned things are. Miss had some tinned pineapple from the salad bar, man, how do you get tinned pineapple to taste bad?

So, deserts, I had bread and butter pudding which was actually OK. I also had an OK pav and Carrot cake. The lolly cake and brownie were from another planet that would be called something like Uranus but with a worse name. The ice cream was declared fine, the machine broke and that wasn’t working now more.

All in all, holy moly, it was the worst meal ever. I truly cannot understand how people find it acceptable to pay $23 for such utter crap. At the moment it is a little bit funny but I am still in shock at the amount of people in there. The fact that it is by two supermarkets makes it worse, what a family of 4 would pay could buy them a week worth of food.

So, I took one for the team, I did this for you, you Valentine Virgins. I feel bad that people see this food as a meal out and ponder on what they must count as a meal at home, let alone a meal out. I don’t understand why room temperature food and over cooked vegetables are acceptable for a $23 lunch time price tag. The average clientele are at the lower end of the socioeconomic scale and this dire food would be a treat. This really does sadden me. I need to stop there or involve Campbell live.

I had to eat something

I had to eat something, sorry about the pic quality.

One thought on “So, we went to the buffet restaurant that begins with a V.

  1. I remember when Valentines first opened on The Esplanade in Petone. Back then, it was a touch of class for poor students and we gorged ourselves for a friend’s birthday. Another branch opened at the Basin Reserve soon after. Thankfully I grew up around about the same time (apart from being dragged to the occasional family brunch – apparently the only place that would let 30+ of us have whatever we wanted). Like McDonald’s and the rest of the fast food section of the Entertainment Book, these vouchers remain unused. I’m not sure I could even give them away!

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