A proper meal out- Taylors on Jackson

Right, have to prove my foodie worth and do a review of an amazing food experience.

I belong to the Meet-up group Wellington Foodies. One event was a dinner at Taylors on Jackson and I ticked the yes box straight away. To be honest, the menu didn’t have things on that I would normally choose. I am still not the world’s biggest meat eater but am actively trying to improve myself on this. This was my second visit to this restaurant and will not be my last.

House-baked sourdough, truffle butter
A little warm individual teeny tiny loaf with fluffy truffle butter, perfect.


Photo 16-01-13 9 24 11 pm

An extraordinary mix of flavours.

Steak tartare, fried chicken oyster, pickled white anchovy, horseradish, confit egg yolk jam, black garlic
I looked at this starter on paper and felt rather confused. I just couldn’t see how this could possibly all blend into any kind of wonderful forkful or be something I would choose to order or enjoy. Thankfully it worked and I had to eat my preconceived ideas of what I would enjoy.

The steak tartar was in small slices and mixed with the anchovy. The chicken oyster was a fancy chicken nugget and the egg yolk was mind blowing and clever. All of the things on the plate were in sync with each other and shouldn’t have been. Who thinks to put beef with chicken and egg? Over all, a very clever dish.


Photo 16-01-13 9 59 40 pm

The Yellow Brick Road salmon.

Ora King salmon, beetroot + habanero, watermelon rind, elderflower, beach spinach, crème fraiche, olive

Photo 16-01-13 10 00 25 pm

The Longbush pork

Longbush pork, wild fennel, pardon peppers, balsamic, burnt onion, whipped goats cheese, lavender + honey
I had the pork. I am new to eating pork and Longbush pork is sure a mighty fine way to embark on my pig eating pork adventure.

The description makes it sound like some airy fairy Cordon bleu plate, nope, not what this was. The pork was plentiful; the homemade crackling was a nice crunchy touch and the burnt onions were splendid. I also enjoyed the pardon peppers and liked the cheeky little addition of these, they were very tasty.

Again, everything worked. It was like a very fancy roast dinner with the sides of Fried potatoes with malt mayonnaise and a salad of rocket, hazelnut, poached pear and parmesan. I struggled to get through both bits of meat and enjoyed every mouthful. The spuds and the salad were lovely too.

By the empty wooden boards on the table, I am guessing everyone enjoyed the salmon too.


Photo 16-01-13 10 55 09 pm

Doesn’t look like a pudding, sure was good.

Sweet olive parfait, olive oil cake, raspberry, orange

Photo 16-01-13 10 54 26 pm

Oh so very cute and apparently full of flavour.

The BFG lemon meringue pie cheesecake

I went for the mysterious sounding olive dish. I can report that candied olives work and are delicious. This dish was another which made me wonder, how the heck do these things go together?

The flavours all matched superbly. Someone described it as having pudding and a cheese course on one plate; I could see what they meant. My mind was blown with this dish as it was both an assault on the senses and delicious. I struggle to find words to adequately describe all the tastes. It tasted as colourful as it looks.

All up, I really enjoyed this meal. We mainly eat Asian cuisine out and I am often disappointed with Kiwi fare and leave thinking, I could have done that at home.

I am now planning how and when to get Mr Muffin along to try this food. I gave him the explanation that although this food sounds rather flash on paper, it is good Kiwi fare done with flare and imagination.

Thank you for the use of photographs, Lucy Mutch , Wellington Foodies

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