Wellington Foodies

A couple of years ago now I decided that I needed to do something about my love of food. I don’t find evening classes every week on the same evening that attractive. I am more of a burst of learning kind of girl.

I started investigating and my first search was for dumpling lessons. I got lucky, oh so lucky, I found a class run by Vicky from the House of Dumplings and through Wellington Foodies, thus my Wellington Foodie life began.


Wellington Foodies is run through the Meet-up site/app and there is also going to be an Auckland fraction. Basically what it is  is a place to do those food things you have wanted to do, go to dinner at a random place often with a special touch and a place to fully be understood when you gush over some new food discovery. It is run by volunteers and the baby of the wonderful Lucy Mutch (take a bow).

In the past the classes and events I have attended included dinner at Taylors on Jackson, puff pastry, knife skills and paneer matar with Sushil Ravikumar from Master Chef NZ.

Since I got back from our Hawaiian holiday I have been to two more events. The thing about these Wellington Foodie classes is you can end up doing something you are not sure about but don’t want to fess up to (like knife skills) or get someone to come and give you a class about the food of their country.

The first class was Are You Chicken: The Prodigal Daughter Returns…

This was about the chicken and how to break it down. Many people do not learn this as a kid  growing up. I certainly didn’t as I was a meat hating kind of kid (reformed!).  It was great and I now know that I can buy that reduced free range chicken and get more than a roast meal out of it. Not only did we cut it up, we made Kiev and ate it with a lovely salad made by Rachel. One of the great things is at these events you turn up to a room full of relative strangers, some who you may have been to classes with before and you end up having a blimin good evening.

Photo 8-04-13 9 20 56 pm

Another thing about these Wellington Foodies events is you can come across a blog, follow them on Facebook, marvel at their cuisine, realise that they live in the Wellington area and then heavily hint to Lucy that you really need to learn more about their food. That was how the My Persian Feast a Hands- Persian Cooking Class with Susan Assadi  came about. I may have been the instigator. The blog is My Persian Feast.

In this class Susan taught us about the food of the Persian region , she herself being from Iran. We made dolmeh filled with rice and lamb, marinated feta and Beetroot and mint yoghurt dip. The flavours were wonderful and simple. I will be dreaming about the marinated feta forever and may have planned a dinner party just so I can make it for others.

Photo 11-04-13 2 06 34 pm

Photo 11-04-13 2 59 46 pm

This post is mainly about getting up off your bottom and going and doing something, if you are here and like food, I am giving you ideas!

Have fun.

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