Taste of Korea, Wellington.

Wellington has grown up in the 13 years we have been here and it has all been in a good way. It is now a right little food paradise and still growing. Recently a new international food court opened off Willis. With all this growth we mustn’t forget the old classics.

On Friday night I went to one of these old classics with friends from work – The Taste of Korea.  I had been before a couple of years ago when there was still charcoal barbeques set into the table. The health and safety police came along and changed that. I was a little upset when I first realised that the little gas cooker on the table was it. Then I saw the selection of food to eat and cook.

There was meats to cook, side dishes to eat and refill and another selection around the corner of warm dishes, including my favourite sweet potato noodles. For $30 a head, I could see the value in front of me. The meat alone looked fab and I am not a big neat eater. I am sure I ate more meat on one night than I usually eat in a week.

Photo 8-08-14 6 39 18 pm

From back left there was marinated chicken, spicy pork (my fav), bulgogi and on the front beef brisket, pork belly and pork cutlet.

You cook one meat at a time, dip it in your favourite sauces and eat. When you have done with that meat you swap your foil cover for the next meat.  Mmmmm meat.

Photo 8-08-14 6 37 39 pm

With the food much Soju, plum wine and beer was consumed. I was driving and sober but I still stayed on and sang. Yes, we went to a room out that and did the karaoke thing. It was fun and we did laugh.

Taste of Korea really is somewhere different to go, social food and fun. At $30 a head, it is not the cheapest restaurant but you can eat your fill and go on to sing. Gun Bae.

Photo 8-08-14 8 50 02 pm



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