Trying sugar that is not sugar, Nativia

2014-08-24 11.42.26

I was very lucky to be sent some Natvia to try. I have been looking at it on the supermarket shelf and pondering it existence and as the sugar debate was a popular topic in New Zealand this week it seemed a good time to give it a try. I have also read a bit on the subject and been a bit of a sugar witch for a while now. Miss Muffin knows how to read a label and checks anything going into the shopping trolley.

Being me, I debated internally what to make and ended up going back to my first idea, a basic chocolate cake. I used a simple recipe so we could really get to taste if it made any difference or not. And…………………


We couldn’t. I would not have known that the sugar wasn’t the conventional white kind. It tasted fine and like a chocolate cake. I was very impressed. In the near future I will give Natvia a try with other recipes and will be interested when the icing sugar makes it to New Zealand.

If you want to read more around the whole sugar debate google away and have a look for thins relevant to you. It is frightening.

This bog here has some nice images to keep you going-

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