Goodbuzz Brewing Co. Entered My World Last Night.


Goodbuzz Brewing Co. 

Wellington is a city, a smallish city, especially for a capital city.

Last night via twitter I ended up with 5 bottles  of a new drink from Goodbuzz Brewing Co. which they call a  Booch . They were delivered by the lovely Karin / @uberfood who had been lucky enough to win a couple of crates via Facebook. She liked them so much that she drove across town to bring them to me so I could be lucky too.

She told me about the starter company and asked if I would blog about the drinks when I had tried them and get the word out there about these drinks in any way I could. I looked at the bottles, the flavours and knew this looked like a good thing to be trying and blogging about.

I got right onto twitter and asked my local favourite Chef Glen Taylor would be interested as he is interested in all things local, I also used my powers with my birthday buddy , Lucy from Wellington Foodies. I had a great twitter evening and carried on my sharing of ideas today and the drinks are now stocked at Vic Books on the Kelburn campus of Vic Uni. This is very handy for me as I work on campus.

So, that is the how I ended up here blogging about these drinks. I will try all the drinks over the next few nights and give an honest view of what I think. I find it hard to find soft drinks that I truly like and often end up with water when not drinking. I have never been a drinker of those popular fizzy drinks. I am hoping that this Booch can provided me with something that is good to drink and doesn’t leave me feeling like I have had a few teaspoons of sugar.

The drinks are called non-alcoholic but have a teeny tiny trace due to the fermentation process. Yes, fermentation. That bit makes it healthy as it is a Brewed Probiotic Soft Drink. It is tea based and infused with Kombucha, I hadn’t heard of this until last night.

This is what the company says –

Goodbuzz Brewing Co. brews the tastiest kombucha tea around NZ, made only with the finest ingredients to ensure our cultures thrive.

I am not being paid to blog this, just doing it because someone was good enough to drive across town to bring me some of her winnings, thanks Karin/ @uberfood.

Right, onto the good bit.

Photo 7-10-14 6 53 18 pm

If you aren’t in New Zealand and have never been to New Zealand in those few magic months when the feijoa is around you are probably wondering what the heck it is. It is a fruit that is an acquired taste, smells like Deep Heat, is similar to an avocado and has a taste a bit like a strawberry. Now you are no clear. All you need to know is if you love them the thought of the season approaching makes your mouth water. Me and Miss Muffin love them, I had to choose this flavour first as we have months to go before the next season which is around March/April.

The drink does not taste like it is all good, it has the taste of something good. I didn’t feel like I was drinking some hippy tea type thing but a good fizzy drink. I enjoyed it and Mr Muffin had a taste and commented that it is like a cider but without the boozy taste (he got over the feijoa flavour). I am not just saying this, I really enjoyed it.

As you can see above, the bottles are very lovely. The art work is by @annajohnstone. If you are at a grown up party the bottle would good in your hand if you are not drinking and the drink itself looks like a cider in the glass. I would certainly take it along to someones house and get cross when someone else drank it.

This is a definite keeper in the fridge.

Photo 10-10-14 5 39 41 pm

This one is Green Jasmine. I think I may love it even more than the Feijoa. The taste is a very gentle flowery taste. I would even say it is a palate cleanser. I had it with a spicy stir fry and it went well. It is another for the fridge. Eeek, I only have 3 bottles left.


I still enjoyed this one but it didn’t float my boat as a non-alcholic drink. However, as it seems more alcoholic than the others , it did cross my mind that a gin would go nicely in it, maybe with a touch of fresh mint? Next time I will try it at a suitable cocktail hour.

Photo 28-10-14 5 04 40 pm

Another yum drink, this one was refreshing and good too. Another enjoyable non-booze drink that can be boozed up.

And last but not least-

Photo 25-10-14 6 02 05 pm (1)

I love these two flavours and they make everything better, well with this drink they made another fab drink. Gin would like to hop into bed with this baby.

As I said previously, I haven’t been asked to write this, I just like a good product and sharing this. It is even better when it is from a local business.

Thanks for reading, you must be thirsty now? I will have the Green Jasmine.

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