Happy New Year, 360 odd dinners to go!

I have been contemplating what this blog means to me lately and I have decided it is something I am mighty proud of and love. I have also thought about how I need to stop saying, “just a…… ” and accept that I love my blog and let it open doors and allow me to grow and learn.

Sometimes, on twitter,  I talk with some wonderful foodies and then when I go to the market where they have a stall , a restaurant they own or anywhere else, I am all shy. I am going to put on my big girl pants this year and stop this behaviour, I am going to jump in feet first and see what 2015 brings me. I already have my eye on some halloumi lessons from The Little Goat and maybe some fresh baking ideas too.

This thinking has been spurned by thinking of my maternal grandmother , Nanny Lily. She died 10 years ago, the same time as the Boxing Day Tsunami. I am not a religious person but I do like to think that she is some where keeping all the lost people well fed with a massive buffet table.This lady, my nanny Lily, was way ahead in food. She lived in a teeny tiny English council house (state house) where the back door was always used and meant a walk through the tiny kitchen sneaking bits of baking off the kitchen sides. As my mum is the oldest of seven, there were plenty of mouth to feed and later grandkids and partners too.

A family tea would mean about 20 plus people in a very small front room/ dining room and a table laden with food, all home-made. The catering urn would be on in the kitchen with continual cups of tea, oh how I wish I had taken photos. There were always some home-made staples like cheese straws, a gateaux , trifle and sausage rolls and it was always a race to get to that take first. I still don’t have buffet table manners and will dig in without much of an invite.

So, 2015, this ones for you Nanny Lily, the smallest super woman in the world.

Photo 5-01-15 6 55 38 pm

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year, 360 odd dinners to go!

  1. I’m up and down with my blog at the moment. I wonder whether I have the energy to maintain it, but then had a great time researching and writing today’s post and realise that it IS worth looking after my own little place in the blogosphere, even if I’m the only one reading it!

    I’m also really shy with foodies in real life, as I am in constant awe of their foodie awesomeness, but might try and take a leaf out of your bravery book and come out from hiding now and again.

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