Year of Firsts.


Borrowed from Bunny Eats Design

I have been thinking about writing a list of things I would like to do this year and the things I have already done. I was delighted this week when Genie from the brilliant Bunny Eats Design posted about a Year of Firsts. You can join your blog too, just comment down the bottom of the above link. The idea is that  as a blogger I write a list of firsts I would like to achieve this year and blog about them. I have already completed three things I would have added a couple of weeks back. I have- Eaten Liver (was good) Tried scallop (didn’t like at all) Eaten Paua (wasn’t too bad ) So, here we go……

My Year of Firsts-

  1. Master my camera on auto
  2. Master my camera on manual
  3. Take my camera out of the house and take photos
  4. Make a herb garden on the ugly patio
  5. Use Eat My Books rather than google
  6. Keep my photos saved neatly
  7. Delete the photos I do not need
  8. Try crayfish
  9. Get business cards made
  10. Order meat more often when out (stop ordering vegetarian)
  11. Learn to run
  12. Buy our meat from the butcher
  13. Buy our fruit & veg from the market
  14. Deep fry without being frightened
  15. Keep a sourdough starter alive and well
  16. Make proper croissants from scratch
  17. Drink tea in cafes (it doesn’t have to be coffee!)
  18. Promote myself without making excuses
  19. Make just one trip a week to the supermarket
  20. Babka- make it the traditional way, even all 3 loaves
  21. Teach others to make bread- start with Miss Muffin
  22. Eat at 10 24 in the Hawkes Bay
  23. Have a roast dinner cooked by Miss Muffin
  24. Take Miss Muffin for proper high tea

7 thoughts on “Year of Firsts.

  1. Great list! They make great blog topics.

    I find it difficult to start but really satisfying deleting photos I don’t need. I sometimes take 50-100 photos just to get the perfect shot. I sometimes think that I might need the rejected shots “one day” but that day never comes. It’s much easier and less clutter to get rid of them as you are editing. I took 100 photos of myself today, I have selfie issues and tend to avoid cameras, so taking photos of myself is something I am working on. I deleted 90 of my selfies today!

    I love buying meat from the butcher, but I have to admit, I haven’t done it in months. The quality is much better and prices on par with the supermarket. When we go, we buy a month’s worth of meat at a time and freeze.

  2. I love these! I am very eager to keep a sourdough starter alive and make babka too. Not sure I will ever manage to deep fry without fear OR keep my photos organised though 😉 I might make a list, thank you for sharing this!

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  4. That’s an ambitious list! i’m also terrified of deep frying. My partner was so proud of buying a deep fryer, but it has sat on a shelf in the pantry unused for several months – I won’t be the one to christen it. I did a croissant making class a couple of years ago and made beautiful, buttery layered pancakes but may try again now that I’ve done the puff pastry class. Looking forward to seeing you blog the results of your list.

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