Tambura Foods, the new snack in town. Very versatile and tasty they are too.




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Once upon a time I was chatting away on twitter and talking about food. As happens on twitter, I ended up talking to and following @TamburaFoods. This alone made me happy, I love South Indian food, I love Indian food and I love India (yeah, I love food too). After a bit of back and forward chatting I realised I had seen Tambura Foods products mentioned in Dish Magazine.  I had a private message and an invite to try the products. That made for one very happy Muffin Mum.

My parcel came and in it were the products in the photo above, I felt spoilt. My first impression of the packaging was how simple, clean and distinctive it is. The zip lock seal is a fantastic idea and the bags were very full. The chutney also looked distinctive and very me, I am a big fan of cumin.

The packets are filled to the brim with the signature Tambura Crunch. They come in 3 flavours, Original, Spicy and Lemon. Unlike similar Indian snacks they do not leave a greasy taste, each flavour tastes different and I can see that they can be used in various ways. The Spicy has a good kick and is particularly good with beer, the Original was taken to a party and I was asked by several people where I had got them from and children ate them as well as adults. The Lemon were taken to work and sprinkled on my lunches and shared amongst the staff. I loved all three flavours but the Lemon was the stand out for me. The citrus taste slowly creeps in and is very pleasant and a very good lemon flavour.


The Cumin Infused Indian Chutney is good, oh so very good. My favourite use, so far has been on simple cheese on toast. Just put on top of cooked cheese on toast and enjoy. It would be good used in so many ways, I may add it to some potatoes about ten minutes before end of cooking. Now my mouth is watering.

Photo 16-02-15 6 21 48 pm

If you see these products around, buy them, savour the flavour and feel great for supporting a great New Zealand business. Share them around, spread the word and help them grow.

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