I don’t like bacon, there I said it!


Borrowed this from http://www.howtobeadad.com , I know that is a kid, I am kid size.

Yes, it is true. I don’t like bacon.

I don’t understand the love people have for bacon.

I don’t like the smell, I don’t crave it.

I don’t like it.

I think I am in a minority here and you may all be mad. I just don’t get it. Yesterday I had a grown up strop because the bacon stuff was cooked in my kitchen while I was home. My rule is on the BBQ or while I am out. After it is cooked I can smell it for days and days. It is offensive to my nostrils. I have got past the smell of most meats but I just can’t with bacon.

As a kid I wasn’t a meat lover. I have got to the like some meat stage and I am nearly at the loving it with an occasional crave it moment. My poor mum had to hide my meat under vegetables when I was a kid. I have memories of sitting at the dinner table for a very long time with dreaded meat starring back at me. I remember the moment I found out that in you didn’t have to eat meat. I was vegetarian for a long time, now I am reformed. I still don’t like bacon.

6 thoughts on “I don’t like bacon, there I said it!

  1. This is me with coffee. My stomach twists itself up into a knot at the very thought of drinking it, or eating anything coffee flavoured. Even typing this out my stomach is curling up into a ball in protest.
    And yet everyone else seems to think it’s delicious. What is wrong with everyone?
    (I do like bacon though. I’m ok with you not liking bacon. That leaves more bacon for me.)

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