Dinners this week-a run down to help keep me sane and reduce waste .

My recipe folder-going back to 1997.

My recipe folder-going back to 1997.

I always plan our dinner before we go shopping, I am not the kind to stick to the list completely and will swap things in and out depending on what be on sale for the week. I also look for things that can be used over several dinner, like a family bag of salad. Recently on the New Zealand’s own Campbell Live Show there was a segment on food waste and it got me thinking about how good we have got at not throwing food away.

Back in the day, when we were young and childfree, we were terrible. When I think about the things we threw away I want to hang my head in shame. Not saving the half of the Indian takeaway for the next day was one of our worst moves. All that wasted curry and rice. Bad, or what?

So, how did we get better? We started to use the freezer more, planned dinners and shopped weekly. We also stopped doing one thing, buying all the things. There now has to be a reason to buy something. It isn’t about money saving, it is about use. With eating out, we started going out at lunch time and having a full meal. On the rare occasion we do get a take away we either share one dish or save it for the next day.

If you want to read a few more ideas have a look on the Facebook page- Love Food Hate Waste.

This weeks meal plan-

Monday-Steak with polenta chips

Tuesday- Slow cooker BBQ chicken in taco’s

Wednesday- Broccoli pesto pasta- didn’t happen, we had Tomato sauce and 5 minute bread instead.

Thursday- Beef mince chilli ( Miss Muffin will have a toned down version)

That is far as I have gone this week, I am out on Friday so I am pretty sure the other two will have bacon!

2 thoughts on “Dinners this week-a run down to help keep me sane and reduce waste .

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  2. I also try to reduce the waste of food at home. Moreover, I do my best to teach my kids how bad is to waste food. In my opinion everyone can achieve a positive results, just to try to do it!

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