Peach Chia Jam – you do not even have to cook it!

Photo 4-04-15 8 38 23 am

Peach Healtheries Chia Seed Jam on top of my breakfast

Photo 4-04-15 1 57 52 pm

Th Peach Healtheries Black Chia Seed Jam, nice and thick.

My first successful Healtheries Black Chia Seed recipe is a keeper. I really enjoyed the taste of the little magic jam and will keep experimenting with different fruits. I will be mainly using it on my porridge, pancakes or added to yoghurt. I really doubted that this would work, but it did and I like it. The original recipe is on this rathe healthy blog from Balanced Platter. I added a good squirt of lemon, I love lemon and a bit of tartness cutting through sweet.

Photo 3-04-15 8 03 49 pm

Peaches blended

This recipe really is easy –  chop, blend, stir and refrigerate  ( oh my I sound like Ramsay). If you don’t believe me, try it. I think it is something to do with the texture of the Chia seeds and the reaction they have to liquid. The jam does have the consistency of a home made jam without the extreme sweetness.

Peach Chia Jam-

  • Servings: around 1 1/2 cup
  • Print

2 cups of peaches, chopped to be blended (I left skin on, cut off any brown bits).

1 tablespoon of honey or other natural sweetener.

2 teaspoons of lemon juice 2 tablespoons of white or black of chia seeds

Blend the peaches until there are almost no lumps Add honey and lemon, blend again.

Stir in Chia seeds Cover and refrigerate.

Use after 12 hours

This post is sponsored by Healtheries and I was sent the seeds in the mail to sample.

2 thoughts on “Peach Chia Jam – you do not even have to cook it!

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