Healtheries Ground Chia And Coconut Oil On The Face , Yes, Food On The Face!

As I have been searching around the internet for ideas with Chia in its various forms I have noticed a few recipes for face masks. At the moment my skin is really dry and no amount of water drinking is helping and I find it hard to find any products that help with being allergic or having a phobia about spending huge amounts of money on a face cream. I figured I have nothing to lose trying using ground chia, or rather, the worst thing that could happen would be spots.

As I searched the web I found there were a few blogs that were rather interesting on the subject of chia and its use in beauty regime. One particular blog gives all sorts of information on chia in general, have a good read of Beautymunsta and you will see what I mean. What a versatile thing chia is!

When I set out I wanted to make a mask, I ended up with something more like an exfoliant and that is how I used it. As you can see from my beautiful photograph it was rather on the runny side. It made a damn good exfoliant and I used in on my face, hands and feet. I would certainly make this up again and use it in this manner. My skin feels cleansed (in a gentle way) and soft.

I can’t believe I am putting this photo on-

Photo 27-04-15 3 53 51 pm

Healtheries Ground Chia And Coconut Oil On The Face

2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp Healtheries Ground chia
1 tsp lemon juice
If using solid coconut oil microwave for around 10 seconds or until liquid
Add chia seeds and lemon juice
Leave to stand for around 20 minutes
Spread onto face as evenly as possible (this is a messy business) *
Leave on the face
Rub the remaining mix hands and feet in gentle circles and wash off
With a flannel remove the mixture off your face and then rinse
 *take a photo and add it to comments

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