Silver Fern Farms – the fussy meat eater who ate all the animals and learnt all about the company

Silver Fern™ Farms

* all of the images featured belong to Silver Fern Farms as I was busy eating and talking.

A little while ago I received an email from Silver Fern Farms, it asked for participants for a market research event. I replied to this and didn’t hear anything for a while, and then I got the call. Sometimes I put my hands up for something and then spend a while thinking, why, why, why? I must admit, this was one of those occasions.

I am a fussy meat-eater. I was vegetarian for a very long time and only really started eating meat when we moved to New Zealand. As I kid I ate all my vegetables and left the meat, even Brussel sprouts.I hated going to other people’s houses for tea and once convinced myself I was a witch due to a kitchen fire where my most dreaded meal was about to be served.I must have been about 13 years old and was at a friend’s house and we were about to be served chops, tinned tomatoes and fried egg. The kitchen went up in actual flames, the fire brigade were called and dinner was forgotten. After that I decide to be vegetarian to avoid chops and house fires (there was no damage, my witching wasn’t that bad). That is why I was doubting myself and my decision-making and thinking, what have I done?


Back to Silver Fern Farms, on the phone I was asked a few questions and fitted into a Thursday evening Wellington group. I had no idea what to expect but I did know it would involve meat, lots of meat. I may have been mocked by my loving family for volunteering for this. When I came home and told them what the evening had involved and how much meat I had eaten, the they were filled with jealousy and envy.

I ate all the animals and enjoyed every single bite. There was venison, lamb and beef were all cooked to perfection. I had a venison medallion, beef meatballs with , lemon and thyme , beef sliders, lamb steak and a new cut, grid iron steak. Each portion was delicious and I wasn’t afraid of any of it. There were no nasty bits to avoid, no voice inside my head saying, ‘no, you can’t swallow that’, there was rather a lot of mmmmmmmm.

I wasn’t alone in my meat-eating, there were 4 other volunteers and Angela, the leader of the discussion. Much of the talking was around our perception of Silver Fern Farms and our previous purchasing. I was honest and said that it fell into the special meal for a reason category for me and my family. After learning more about the quality of the meat, this is something that will be changed.

I wasn’t brain washed but I had it explained to me that Silver Fern Farms pick the top 5% of meat available, so there is 95% of meat that they do not consider to be of their high standards. They employ a whole team of people to ensure quality and the master butchers even have to have their eyes tested every 8 weeks! I must say, I left very impressed and full.

It was great to do something like this and put myself a little out of my comfort zone. It was also a fantastic way to learn about a New Zealand company and the hard work they do. Expect some meat based blogging soon.

I do wish I had pretty pictures, I don’t. You can have a look at their very clever website and Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Silver Fern Farms – the fussy meat eater who ate all the animals and learnt all about the company

  1. Interesting read. I’m curious, do you remember the first non-vegetarian dish you ate? Was it planned?

    I look forward to meat based blogging from an ex-vegetarian. Do you have some in mind already?

    While I’ve enjoyed Silver Fern Farms meat the few times I’ve had it, I find it’s not “meaty” enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very nice meat, but I like meat with bones, fat….and flavour.

    • It started slowly, pizza with meat on, then chicken, sausages and burgers. I have slowly moved on to more grown up meat. I enjoy really enjoy venison. I like my meat in the Silver Fern Farms style, I am not a bone muncher or a fat eater.
      I am thinking about meat recipes, they have some great recipes on the Silver Fern Farms site. My main problem will be getting my
      share, Miss Muffin is a true meat eater.

      • Ah yes, I do like vegetarian pizza but pepperoni seems almost like a vegetable 🙂

        Haha. Mr Bunny is a bit of a carnivore and eats really fast so if I’ve made something meaty, I make sure it’s served on 2 plates rather than family style. Otherwise, it would be all gone before I’m half way!

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