Al’s Deli – at last !

Photo 12-05-15 7 19 29 pm (1)

Eating my Al’s Deli Poutine Burger

A while ago I had a few days in Auckland to eat all the things. Al’s Deli was one place on my list that we just didn’t get to. When I found out I was going to Auckland for work I decided I must remedy this and test the place out for Mr Muffin. I am rather pleased I did, and I met up with a great bunch of people that I know mainly via Twitter, they all enjoyed their meal too.

Al’s Deli is one of those places that you either know about or are surprised about when you find out about it. It is at the top of Queens Street and on that little hill (City Road) that leads up the back of The Langham Hotel. It is decorated like a diner and has marvellous 1950’s tables. Order a Coke and it comes in a Coke glass, we all know that makes it taste better? I had the cherry coke in my specialĀ glass. I rarely drink Coke or fizzy drinks and really enjoyed the fizzy cherry bubbles.

The Al's Deli Poutine Burger.

The Al’s Deli Poutine Burger.

For my main I had the Poutine Burger, it is a burger bun with a delicious beef patty, fries, gravy and cheese curds. It was satisfying, the stuff of future dreams and I succeeded in eating it from the bun and not using cutlery. I did cut it in half after the photo was taken and would recommend this method.

Others had an assortment of food including chicken wings, fries topped with pulled pork pork, chicken burgers and falafel burger. There were moments of eating silence, which is always a good sign. There were also claims of being very full (including me) but most of us found our dessert stomach.

Photo 12-05-15 8 10 43 pm

Moose Ear with Nutella and Banana

On my last visit to Auckland I was very curious about the Moose Ears on the Sweet Treats section of the menu. I asked a staff member which version she recommended and the Nutella and banana topped Moose Ear was ordered. Others ordered the Banana Split, Moose Ear with bacon and maple syrup and lucky Wendy Wings got the last Apple Pie Fries. My Moose Ears were delicious and I really enjoyed trying something different, I liked the fried base and would have it again. It would make a good breakfast. I also got to try one of the legendary Apple Pie Fries, they were good too and I would certainly try to get a whole portion at some point.

Al’s Deli is certainly somewhere I would go back to and take the family. I really liked the diner style setting and the food. It is one of those places where you have to be prepared to eat fried things and leave very full. I look forward to my next trip and it worth the walk up Queens Street.

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