Digby Law’s Soup Cookbook Is Back In Print.

Photo 16-06-15 7 16 42 pm

If you are in New Zealand you have probably heard of Digby Law and maybe own one or two of his books? I have had a copy of the Pickle and Chutney Cookbook for about as long as we have been in New Zealand. It has sticky splotches on it and bent corners. I have always wanted to complete my Digby Law set and now some of the books are back in print, I will have to make a start.

Digby Law was a proper cook, he taught cookery and wrote articles for various publications. This was all in the day before celebrity chefs and shiny photograph based cookbooks with more photos than recipes. The books are all recipe.

The Digby Law’s Soup book was originally published in 1982 and covers soups from all over the world. It is an international collection with many varieties of soup. There is even a section on fruit soups. It really does highlight that soup can be interesting. The recipes are easy to follow and vary greatly.

Personally, I love a good soup, it is a great way to use everything up and to help get those 5 a day for a balanced diet. This book covers it all and I highly recommend it to add to your Kiwi library of proper cookbooks.

I will add links on her as I make various soups. The first on my list will be –

Mexican Meatball Soup p45.

Thank you Hachette New Zealand.

I now have the new version of the above soup book, thanks to Hachette New Zealand.

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