Bake Sale Cuteness.


Photo 25-01-16, 1 28 11 PM

Last weekend was a long weekend in Wellington. Miss Muffin and her friends decided to make full use of the weekend and have a bake sale. Luckily the friends are neighbours in our fab little street and outside of our house was picked for the stall.

They decided to cook in both houses to make minimal disruption and they each planned one item. Miss Muffin picked chocolate chip cookies and got a packet mix with her own money. The others made a lemon slice and cupcakes. They kept to their word and were very tidy in the kitchen. A schedule was made for who did what and when. Also handmade flyers were posted around our street and Facebook was informed.

The only influence we had was suggesting that they did not need to get the train to the local mall to buy cellophane bags to put the goodies in. This would have cost them around $15 and would come out of their budget. Paper napkins were used and they worked fine.

The sale was planned for 2-3pm and by 1.30pm they were all set up and had drawn arrows in chalk to show the way. The stall looked great and they did a great job in selling their wares. They learnt a few lessons along the way and already plan to use this to their advantage next time. This time they carefully shared the profits and did rather well.

It was a lovely site to see the neighbourhood being excited and supporting our girls.  Thank you neighbours.

Photo 25-01-16, 1 06 07 PM





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