Meatless Monday At Hillside in Thorndon.

Last Monday I attended a meatless Monday event at Hillside Kitchen and Cellar in Thorndon. I would like to thank the lovely Posh Lucy for arranging the Wellington Foodies dinner.

As the name suggests, the meal was meat free and thankfully, celery free. It was one excellent meal with course after course of food achievements. As Hillside they like to keep things cleverly simple and surprise. The flavours of each course were wonderful.

I am not going to go through major explanations but just leave you with a few photographs from the evening and a copy of the intriguing menu we were given.

Photo 1-02-16, 10 03 09 PMPhoto 1-02-16, 10 04 10 PM

Sorry the menu got a little crumpled but you can still read it. The egg below was amazing, it was not just and egg. It had a smoked eggplant kind of chutney in the bottom. It was amazing.

The long think in the photo was a carrot that thought it was a steak. If I was blind folded I would have never guessed it was a carrot. The chocolate chip ice cream had potato chips dipped in chocolate and I think I am correct in saying, the ice-cream was potato.

Have a look and enjoy the photographs.

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