Matterhorn – The Review Of My Review.


Sourdough pancake, caramelised pear, berries, candied walnuts.

A couple of months ago me and a group of friends had an experience at the iconic Matterhorn on Cuba Street when we went for their newly available brunch.  You can read my review here and see that I got a reply from Mark Keddell himself.

When I wrote this review, I did so with a heavy heart. I don’t enjoy writing negative things about somebodies business but on the other hand, I didn’t enjoy leaving a highly regarded establishment without a smile on my face. You can see the reply from Mark on the original review and this lead to a chat on the phone. I talked through our experience and gave my feedback. In return Mark gave us a voucher to go back for a rerun with some kinks ironed out. Yesterday was the day of our return.

On our arrival we were given the option of sitting outside with heater on or inside with the roaring fire. We went for the courtyard and the heater above us was offered as an option. The staff all through the meal were attentive, professional and the service was much improved. We even had a bit of light hearted banter and left feeling looked after and entertained.

With the food, I went for the same choice as last time as I had seen a photograph on Facebook that looked very different to what I had last time. You can see my pancake this time, it looked beautiful and was delicious. It was a whole different plate of food and looked far more like what I expected. There was a crunch to the outside of the pancake, the berries were fresh and the walnuts delicious.

The others three tried  new dishes. The Confit duck leg hash, fried duck egg, apple & pomegranate salad was enjoyed, Spiced lentils, eggplant, zucchini, tahini, soft boiled egg was devoured but the sour cream which was not mentioned was removed and the Matterhorn Benny – brioche, dry cured Waikanae bacon, sautéed greens, hollandaise got a thumbs up.

All up, the service was so much better and the atmosphere was less strained. The food was definitely far better and the coffee was excellent. I would now add Matterhorn to my mental list and return.

Thank you Mark for contacting me and letting me be upfront and honest.

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