Briscoes- A Really Fab Customer Service Story.

Photo 30-08-16, 6 25 14 PM

A Tuesday night customer service story for you, the good kind. I work in retail and like to provide a 10/10 service and I love it when I get great service myself.

When I had the flu I some how managed to smash the lid of my favourite pan, I may have cried. This is the kind of pan you have forever and watch others carefully if they even look at it. This treasured pan is a Brabantia 24cm skillet with a glass lid, I love it and I set out on a mission to get myself another lid.

Today I arrived home to a parcel on the door step that contained my new lid and my mission was complete. I want to post about this mission because I had some wonderful customer service from Briscoes and the supply company , Premium Corporation.

At first I did the obvious thing and went and asked in a Briscoes store. I didn’t get any where and the universal lid didn’t work. After that I emailed Briscoes, got an apology and a marvellous member of the team, Chelsea P was on a mission to help. Along the way I was also in contact with Liz T who was equally fab. The pan lid was ordered through Premium Corp and was set to take a while as it was coming from overseas. It didn’t take that long before I got a lovely phone call from Paula to tell me it was in. All up, very impressed. The pan wouldn’t have cost the earth to buy another one but I just wanted a lid. It came in cheaper for the replacement even with postage.

So, thank you Chelsea, Liz and Paula. I love my lid.

I wanted to write this post as it is far too easy to talk about the negative, thanks for reading. Do you have any great customer service stories?


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