So We Are On Holiday In Noosa, Australia. Do You Think This Is Strange?

We had A lovely lunch in a cafe in Noosaville. The food was delicious, the view was wonderful but the service was strange, very strange. The owner was welcoming and explained the menu . I noticed as he was brining out food he was putting the dish on a laid table and a young man was taking photos of the food. None of the other tables had table cloths on and this guy was just using his phone. It took a while to get served because the owner was talking to this young guy about social media and I presume from that he is a blogger. He wasn’t sat at the photo table, this was a special table for the customers food to be placed on before serving it to them and for it to be photographed!

Strangely enough I don’t have any problems with bloggers. I do have an issue with feeling like my food is second hand and someone else getting up close and personal with my dish. I also didn’t like having to wait to give my order, my drink being forgotten and having to remind the guy several times. 

We weren’t the only people having this odd experience. Customers were giving each other raised eyebrow looks all over the restaurant.

 Have you ever had your food used as a photo prop before receiving it? 

Am I overthinking this?

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