About Me




But Who Am I?

I am Emma, Emma the Enabler. I like to enable people to enjoy food and do that happy sigh when eating.

I am one of those people who thinks about food 99% of the time. I go to bed thinking about breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Celery is never in my thoughts. Well, it is if I have to fish it out of a meal.

I was born in Brighton, England and grew up eating not particularly traditionally English food.

Indian food has always played a rather large role in my life. I am no expert or very proficient at cooking Indian but I own many Indian cookbooks and know what I like to eat.

I am rather tiny. I only just hit 5ft and a little bit.

The above doesn’t mean I can’t put away rather a lot of food. Sometimes I don’t know where it all goes and I just about always manage to have a pudding.

I enjoy beer and don’t get wine. I am sure there is something to get with wine but it just doesn’t impress my taste buds. I can taste a beer and tell you in seconds what food it would go with. This whole craft beer thing has made me very happy.

By day I work part-time in a bank and talk food to as many customers as possible.

Muffin-Mum, my blog is about me, my family and my love of food.  It began as a place to store my recipes and I noticed it was getting traffic, friends were using it too. It has evolved over time into where I am now, a place to share my recipes, products I have loved and stories of eating out.

I currently review for-

High Tea Society

Hachette New Zealand.

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