Queen Of Jackson, Petone.


The Queen Of Jackson, Petone- I wish I had food photos. I wish you could see all the food and all the lovely things. You would need to smell it and see how each dish varied. BUT….

I didn’t take a single food photo and I can’t show you anything, You will have to take my word for it. I was too busy chatting and having a mighty fine beer or two. The food was so damn fine. Ottolenghi meets New Zealand fine. I mean that and that is big praise.

On my last trip back to the UK I planned a trip for me and my bestie, we went to London. We stayed in a very lovely hotel and I fulfilled my dream of eating at Ottolenghi. It was lovely and I enjoyed the food. I can tick that one off my list. The food today at the Queen Of Jackson in Petone was easily up there with the Spitalfields experience, if not better.

The occasion for eating there was a bit of an early birthday celebration for me. I invited 7 friends for their set menu, this had finished the day before and we ended up getting a better deal.  The new deal is 4 plates for $50 and you leave your table by 7.00pm. Between 8 of us, we had 8 plates and two bowls of fries. It was plenty for a lunchtime and an absolute bargain. The food with the fab beer selection is heaven.

Every dish was delicious and I will be hard pressed to know what to have next time. I am not the biggest meat eater but I ate all the meat. I may even have had my mind changed about pork belly.

The dishes we had were-

Warm cauliflower salad, mint, currants, spring onion, yoghurt

(lovely, how can cauliflower taste like this?)

Israeli couscous, apricot, apple, mint, cumin, baba ganoush

(so full of flavour)

Salt & pepper squid, nam jim dressing

(didn’t try, left it to the lovers)

Pulled pork tacos, bourbon sauce, apple slaw, pickled jalapenos

(delicious, great corn tacos and fab pork)

Chicken karaage, sriracha kewpie, kimchi slaw

(huge pile and so very tasty)

Pork belly, parsnip puree, fried chorizo & pinot noir sauce

(changed my mind about pork belly, that parsnip mash mmmmm)

Spiced lamb meatballs, Israeli couscous, feta yogurt

(so very tasty)

Seared beef tri-tip, french fried onion, habanero mustard

(yum, I finished this one up and scraped up all the mustard)

And two bowl of the Triple cooked hand cut fries, aioli.

(the fries here are always delicious)


Beer, Rocky Road Stout From Good George Brewing.


A friend posted on her Facebook page about these two beers from Good George Brewing and I had to try them. I sent Mr off on a mission to New World Thorndon and its huge beer selection. His hunt was successful and on Friday I cracked these babies open.

One thing that came to mind with both of these was, gateway beers to the whole craft beer thing. They are both different from your average pub tap larger but not too different to make you worry that you may turn into a hipster.

Rocky Road White Stout.


I started with the Rocky Road White Stout. I love a good stout and had never had a white one, you can read a bit about what a white stout is here.  I found the colour being so different strange but I could taste the stoutness. The rocky road came through in the form of raspberries with a hint of chocolate and it was an interesting taste. I did find it a little hard to get past the fact that it wasn’t a larger.

My thinking is I would buy it again, it would be good with cheese, chicken and creamy food. All the c’s! It would be a nice edition to a BBQ and even Christmas.


Rocky Road Black Stout.


This version is far more stout like and I found it easier to get my head around. I also enjoyed the predominant coffee taste but there is still a hint of the raspberry. Something about it reminded me of the sweet Asian style coffees.

I liked it and would buy it again. It is not the heavy kind of stout but a good way to get an idea about the stout flavour. It is the kind of beer that I would happily have as my only beer of the evening, yes, sometimes I do that. It would also finish a hearty meal off nicely.