Chocolate Tortillas – a work in progress.

Photo 23-11-15, 5 53 21 PM

You can now find the recipe here.

I was lucky enough to win a  competition on the Equagold Facebook page. The prize was that lovely pot of Premium Dutch Cocoa and the competition involved what you would do with it and some kiwi fruit. My idea was for chocolate tortillas and I have been trying and working on the recipe.

My first batch were just OK, not great. We did eat them all and the consensus was that they needed to be a bit sweeter. This batch were made with regular flour and I am going to try with masa (corn) flour as it has a natural sweetness. I will also remove the baking powder because I would like them to be a bit flatter.

Hopefully I will get to try them out at the weekend and if you have any idea please feel free to comment. Meanwhile here are some more photographs.

Photo 23-11-15, 5 55 32 PMPhoto 23-11-15, 5 54 57 PM



I won a camera, not just any camera, a very fancy Sony ILCE-6000Y

DSC00811 I haven’t blogged this before but you may or may not have noticed an improvement in my food photography? I am only just starting out and need to do an evening class, but I am getting there. Back in June ’14 I entered a competition on Facebook through the New Zealand Herald page and it was in conjunction with Sony. When I entered I had to pick an angle for a sports photo and pick and event I would like to attend and photograph. I thought about this carefully and picked the Hydr8 Touch guy and Gal Challenge as Miss Muffin was doing the school version just before the adults challenge weekend. Little did I think that it would actually happen. Early evening I got a call from NZ Herald asking if I had time to talk, I presumed this was a call about subscription offers and was rather surprised when I heard the words, “you have won”.  Over the next couple of days I had to send in information about myself and sign a few bits. I went for a camera lesson in the Sony Store in Wellington which left me feeling both nervous and amazed that I had won such a fancy camera. I was given some tips for the event and taking a good photograph . I turned up at the event in Wainuiomata and met Mark, a photographer from the NZ Herald. He gave me the camera and a tripod and some other added extras. This is the package and information on the camera – Sony ILCE 6000Y. We wandered the event, took some photographs and then I was left to be a photographer by myself. It was fun and the event was great to watch, I really enjoyed being part of it from the sidelines. The people taking part were pretty amazing, it was a hard course and I almost feel relieved that I am unable to enter due to my funny head. Some of my photos appeared in the New Zealand Herald and are the last ones on here. Yes, I am a published photographer. I am not doing this post as a promotion, nor have I been asked to post this. I am doing it because I WON A CAMERA. The promotion is based around the idea that with a good camera anyone can be a photographer. The quality of the photos of the events show that this is possible. I love this camera, it amazing and I am slowly getting over the shock. Lately I have been having a good play but I am still not advanced to do it without some of the auto help. I want to get good, I want to know what all the things mean, I will learn. If you are thinking of getting a new camera, I would seriously say, have a look at this Sony ILCE 6000Y. Tonight I photographed my meal, Vogels toast with avocado, coriander and poached egg. You may notice that I don’t like the white! This is not cropped or edited. IMG_1401 This is Alice, out teeny tiny old girl- Photo 27-09-14 6 38 54 pm And the dog- 2014-09-05 15.37.51 And Miss Muffin enjoying her Swiss Roll- Photo 27-09-14 6 42 48 pm

RQute- sure are.

Thank you Rochelle, sorry these photos are not the best.
If you have read my post regarding the New Zealand Chocolate Festival you may recall that I had rather a soft spot for the very lovely RQute stand. Rochelle, who is the  brains behind the chocolates and can be found at Ernesto, ran a competition for the best photos of her chocolate from the show. Well, I was the winner. How cool is that?

My prizes are pictured below. I am keeping the jigsaw and lollipop kit for a Christmas present for Miss. I am rather pleased with myself and am saving the truffles for Friday night. Only one more sleep. All of the bits are chocolate. If you look at the 7 Babushka dolls you will notice they are all different. How am I supposed to eat them? They are so lovely.