Richard Hammond – A Short History Of The Motorcycle Review And Lunch At Grill Meats Beer.

The sun has arrived in Wellington and it feel like Christmas is on its way. This weekend is a long one in NZ and what a beauty it is turning out to be. Today we have taken the dog to Petone beach, dropped her home and popped out for a very decent burger lunch at Grill Meats Beer. You can see more about that below.

A Short History Of The Motorcycle By Richard Hammond.


Mr Muffin is a fan of the Motorcycle and has a purple one, when I saw this book available for review I thought it was time to let him has a go at reading and reviewing. With Christmas coming up this may be a good idea for a gift for someone you know?

The book is published in NZ by Hachette NZ.

Mr Muffin says –

A very enjoyable read.
It was like Richard Hammond was on my shoulder reading to me, so if you like the hamster then you will enjoy this.
Amusing, informative and engaging with short chapters making it easy to pickup and just read, i.e. A good toilet book but its really far to nice for that.
Many interesting photos and illustrations
Good for anyone with an interest in motorcycles or even just automotive history.
A great Christmas gift.
Today I decided we needed burgers, good burgers. We had been to GMB once before and it was time to return and we left very happy we did. The food was damn fine, the service was excellent and we left full of food and smiles.
To start we had the Japanese Fried Chicken with Sriracha Mayonnaise. Me and Mr enjoyed the chicken, Miss was not so sure. I hung onto the mayo like it was my baby, there was no way I was giving that up when I knew fries would soon be arriving.
A good burger is subjective, some like real fancy with all the things, others like the plain and GMB caters for all of these needs without having one of those huge menus. Miss Muffin and I opted for the Classic Beef, she added bacon and I added Cheese. Mr M went for the special of the week as it contained crumbed jalapeños. We were all happy with our choices and I was impressed with the buns. The portion of fries didn’t look like much but was plenty, they were perfectly crisp too.I also added a rather lovely fluffy fried ball of goodness in the form of a Manchego &   Jalapeños Hush Puppy. To keep up with the specials have a look on their Facebook page, it is listed on Tuesdays.
All up, we really enjoyed our lunch and even though we have now used our Entertainment Book Voucher, we will be returning. When the burger urge hits we will be back.

Visa Wellington On A Plate, 2016.

It is August and the need for baggy pants is here. From 12th- 28th August Wellington is even more about food than usual as Visa Wellington On A Plate takes over the city. This post will be about my eating over the 2 and a bit weeks.

Welcome Home at Logan Brown.

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So, last night I had such a good feast at an event. The event was Welcome Home and at one of my favs, Logan Brown. If you are in Wellington I urge you to go, there are tickets available still for 23-25 August and at $99 a ticket, it was well worth it.

The evening was about eating food from Wellington’s newest ethnic communities. You can read the official story here. I am not going to describe all of the dishes as that is part of the evening but I will leave you with some photographs. This food was between two of us and we both really enjoyed the whole huge meal. Everything was beautiful and I have a new love of rehydrated tealeaves. If you want to see the menu it is here.


My first Burger Wellington, Arizona – Danny’s Champion Pheasant.

Arizona’s own pheasant patty with pistachios, house smoked garlic butter, gorged raisins and Capital Produce celeriac remoulade on a Brezelmania saffron burger bun. Garage Project beer match: Hakituri (+ BEER $30)

Photo 22-08-16, 6 12 25 PM

I met up with a friend who I hadn’t seen for a while and he suggested a few burgers, this was my pick. I have to be honest and say I was a little bit hesitant about trying a pheasant burger. Pheasant isn’t new to me but I hadn’t tried it for years. This burger is not 100% pheasant, it has a bit of chicken and the pistachios mixed in. This makes for a very tasty patty. The whole burger was good but did have to be eaten fast before the celeriac remoulade soaked through the base.

Photo 22-08-16, 6 26 11 PM

The polenta fries were an added bonus, there wasn’t any mention of them on the Wellington On A Plate listing and they were good. The beer was a great beer match. All up, I enjoyed this burger, the beer and bonus polenta fries. It was interestingly different.

Artisan Dining House – Longbush ‘SPAM’ Burger and a Magical Dessert.

Longbush ‘SPAM’ patty with Meat Direct crumbed lambs brain and homemade apple and pineapple relish on a bun, with chilli butter potato peels.

Photo 24-08-16, 9 15 51 PM

By golly, such a British thing to say but so fitting for both the burger, the dessert.When I first read the menus for Visa Wellington On A Plate Artisan was the first place I purposely searched for. MacLean Fraser is a chef I admire and know will produce interesting food. No run of the mill patty would appear on this menu.

Today I tried that burger and the amazing potato peels and would give it an easy 10/10. The patty and relish went so well together, the fruit working with the SPAM perfectly and the bun was light and fluffy.

I returned home telling Mr Muffin that he may need to come back with me and fully embrace the SPAM. My ulterior motive being to have the dine menu and that mighty fine and crazy dessert again. That dessert, a bowl arrives looking a tad strange with a layer of white chocolate, warm sauce is the poured on to the chocolate and the magic begins. I will leave my description there as you need to form your own opinion. Only a few days left now, get ringing to book your table -phone 04 462 3770.

I dined with my fellow Brit, Lucy from Wellington Foodies who took the wonderful photos.


Visa Wellington On A Plate 2015.


It is that time of year again, the time where much of Wellington is as obsessed with food as I am.  It is Visa Wellington On A Plate time!

My magazine with all the menus and events is looking rather tattered and google gets the web page up rather quickly. I have browsed so much I can almost tell you who is doing what. I am currently in awe of a friend who has detailed burger list and I have my dates lined up and hoping to add a couple more. My family knows they won’t  see me every evening for these two weeks.

I did go to an event with Mr Muffin, he enjoyed himself as much as I did as we ate and dined like Romans. You can  read all about it here.

For my first burger I went out for a date that was made on twitter with a few good women. We had a very long twitter thread going and eventually arrived at a date we could all do and chose our Burger Wellington eating joint. The reason for our choice was the 3 burgers on offer and the fact that I rated the burger last year.

City Dining and Bar

Photo 18-08-15 7 47 49 pm

This isn’t some where I would normally consider eating at but it was busy and it is advisable to book. I think the three burgers and a vegetarian option are a good draw card. I had the Mazzerati Burger, as did most of our party.

Photo 18-08-15 6 40 59 pm

Corn fritter with fried Zany Zeus halloumi and avocado salsa on a Pandoro brioche bun, with rosemary fries and saffron aioli.

The was burger was very good and I really enjoyed it. The corn fritter was a decent burger size, halloumi was a great edition, the bun was lovely and the salsa was good and garlicky.

I also enjoyed the rosemary fries and could have eaten far more of them. I didn’t need more but I wanted them! The saffron aioli was also rather fab and declared very butter like and perfect. I don’t think any one had any left in their little pot. The people who opted for the milkshake enjoyed those too.

Another great Visa Wellington On A Plate 2015 burger from City Dining and Bar.

The Old Bailey.

OB Jerk Chicken Burger.

OB Jerk Chicken Burger.

Jerk-style chicken breast with crunchy slaw, caramelised pineapple and Kāpiti brie in a Zaida’s bun, with fries

I booked a table to ensure that we could get in on a Friday night. It was a good job I did as the pub was packed and there was a lot of eating happening. Both of us went for the burger, we did consider the 2 course menu but just kept coming back to the burger. It was a good choice.

The burger was actually chicken pieces, the fries were good old shoestring and there was a side of aoioli and ketchup. It was great not having to ask for both to be provided. The burger bun was stuffed with plenty of succulent chicken which had a great jerk flavour. We both really enjoyed the burger and were rather stuffed afterwards.

I would consider eating here now, I guess that is how WOAP works for businesses.

Pan De Muerto.

Burger Mexicana.

Burger Mexicana.

Corn and cinnamon-crusted chicken breast with char-grilled Anaheim chilli pineapple and guacamole in a house-made bun, with Mexican street corn and corn chips

Blimey, this burger is rather large. I did ponder how I was going to get my mouth around it. All 5 of us did the cut it in half and dive in method. The chicken was very well crumbed, very tender and the rest of the filling went very well. I have to confess that I could very easily go back and eat this again. I really did like the crumb and the sides.

The sides were corn on the cob with a spicy taste and the corn chips with a fresh salsa. These added a nice little extra and made a change from fries. All up, a fantastic burger.

The Butcher and Brewer

Photo 29-08-15 7 53 45 pm

This pub is where The Empire used to be about half the way down Jackson Street. I really like the new feel of this place and I choose it for a group meeting venue during Wellington on A Plate. The menu and the burger menus impressed me. The only time I had eaten in here previously was to order onion rings whilst having a pre-dinner drink, they were damn fine onion rings too.

I tried to resist the burger but I was drawn in by the meat, meat and more meat.

Beef with streaky bacon, pineapple, guacamole, pulled pork and Kererū dark beer cheese in a Kaiser roll. Garage Project beer match: White Mischief

This burger was grand. It was a tower of meat and another very great burger. The patty was tasty and had a lovely texture, I even enjoyed the taste of the bacon and the pulled pork was a great touch. My only negative would be the bun, it couldn’t really hold its own against so much filling and I did resort to using a knife and fork.

After the burger I decided to veer off the WOAP menu and order the Mini Doughnut Medley. I had no idea of what to expect but when the little deep fried morsels arrived I grinned like a Cheshire cat. This was one fab dessert and I am plotting and scheming my way to have it again, I loved it.

Photo 29-08-15 8 38 22 pm