The Chippery – At Last We Got There.

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The Chippery started with the Mount Vic Chippery and then expanded to our side of town, the Thorndon Chippery. We have been meaning to visit since it opened but life with Miss Muffin has got in the way. She was off out on a jaunt with friends today and we decided that this was the day.We did the food shopping and popped out the back of New World Thorndon, the Chippery is just across the road.

There is something great about doing the food shopping and then going somewhere for lunch, it feels bad, so very bad. Having fried stuff just adds to this bad but good. The Chippery was good, oh so very good.

One thing you need to know about The Chippery is that it is not your conventional chips in paper place, this is classy fish and chips. It is more expensive and it is very good quality. We ate in and were served our food on wooden blocks. On the table there were forks, salt , pepper and vinegar. I was so pleased to see vinegar as it is an English staple with chips and not often seen in New Zealand.

Right, onto our food. Mr M ordered Gurnard in a beer batter with a large scoop of hand cut agria fries. His fish was in three pieces and the serve of fries was huge. He didn’t finish all of them and would like it noted, it was due to the size of the serve and he loved them. I decided to be a different and went for the fish balls. I had no idea of the size and ordered two and a small portion of hand cut agria fries. I too had too much food and left some fries and a bit of a fish ball.

Those fish balls are going to call me back and beckon me in with their fragrant ways. They were delicious. They crumb on the outside was crisp and the flavour inside was fresh. I would liken them to a grown up fish cake. There was the taste of coriander, chilli and the lemon I squeezed on them. My mouth is watering just thinking about their loveliness. I also tried Mr muffins fish, that was good too and I know we will be back with Miss so she can demolish some too. She will also help make a bigger dent on those fabulous hand cut agria fries.

The fries do deserve a big mention. They are big fries and crispy in all the right places. We Muffins love agree spuds and would be hard pushed to try any of the other assortment of chips on offer. Go see for yourself.

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