Cooking with my Destitute Gourmet books

I will report back as soon as I have cooked something.
I have 5 Destitute Gourmet (Sophie Gray) books and love them all. I have cooked lots from 100+ Tasty $10 Meals so decided to start with this one.
I am not doing a dinner each night this week but over the next few weeks I will only use this book. At this point I am not going to type the recipes up. I have contacted the Author to see if she would mind and what makes her feel happy. 
** On speaking to Sophie gray via Facebook I have deicide not to publish the recipes. They are available in the book, obviously or you can find a way to contact me. @muffinmum works on twitter.
The first dinner-
Honey mustard beef with seasonal greens ( page 68)
As you can see my version came out a little different. The original recipe called for blanching the veg and then adding to the sauce. I cooked the beef and added it to the sauce and put the dish under a heated grill. I then stir fried our mixed veg (carrot, green capsicum, broccoli, onion, red cabbage) and added the beef/sauce.
We all really liked the taste but next time I will add some chilli and a little more curry powder.
Orzo salad with Chilli basil chicken p72
To be very honest, I didn’t think we would all like this as it is rather fusion. Miss7 read the title and worried about the chilli. I used mild sweet chilli sauce.
Miss7 dug straight in, she wasn’t sure about the orzo but the dinner vanished. Hubby and I both enjoyed it. 
I served it with some corn on the cob and chilli corn bread.
Cowboy casserole p36
This dinner was basically a good way to make Bolognaise more interesting. I had a portion on the freezer and mixed it with some baked beans, pasta and topped it with cheese. It was them baked. It made a nice alternative and was good for that freezer portion that wasn’t quite big enough for the 3 of us. 
Linda’s chicken couscous p18
I have never thought of couscous as something to roast but it was very lovely.  There were soft bits and crunchy bits. Miss loves chicken drumsticks but the grown ups aren’t fans. Next time I would use breasts and add a bit more flavour, probably some cumin, coriander, paprika and lemon.
I really would recommend this recipe, certainly makesd a difference to the normal chicken roast.
And another stunning and different to the norm dinner-
Spianata p 58
Before I forget to mention it, I added an extra cup of flour (3 cups) to this recipe. I also cheated slightly and did the dough in the bread-maker on dough setting. I thought that was rather clever of me.
I roasted some veg when last nights couscous was cooking and used bits up from the fridge for this meal. I was unsure about how nice it would be with just   Parmesan in it but resisted the urge to add feta. I was glad I did as it was a lovely dinner. The crust was different to a calzone or pizza and it was very tasty. I would defiantly make this again.
Lonely sausage risotto p 56
This was another time saving meal as I already had the sausages cooked. I had to hide them from Miss who learnt the joy of a good cold pork sausage and would have eaten them all up. I used 2 sausages and made the addition of peas.
I love risotto but with things in it the other 2 are not keen on (creamy) so it would good to actually make this and find they both liked it. Miss wasn’t too sure about the rice but she will get there.