Going on Holiday With The Entertainment Book.

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We paid $55 NZ for the Entertainment Book and saved roughly $360 Australian. That saved us over $300 on things we would have paid for any way!

We have just returned from ten days in Cairns and Port Douglas. They were ten lovely memory creating days and we had a fantastic time. We did all the tourist thing and even relaxed. The relaxing part was made easier and cheaper by my brain wave to buy the Entertainment Book for the Cairns, Port Douglas and Palm Cove Region.

The Entertainment Book is an Australasian thing, correct me if I am wrong. For those not in the know, it is a voucher book you buy for your area through a fundraising organisation. It can be a school, charity or other such organisation, they get a percentage of the cost for each book purchased. If you purchase another book the donation can still go to your local charity.

It gives you discounts for restaurants, attraction, hotel bookings and more. Last year the first digital editions was launched and we loved ours. Having the book on the phone was an excellent way to get maximum use out of it. Not having to carry a book or vouchers made life much easier. It also made the thought of having an Entertainment Book for our holiday easier.

Just a small lunch!

Just a small lunch! Al Porto.

We checked into our hotel Cairns and wandered out the door.We were hungry, confused and in a new city. I pressed the Near Me (circle with marked quarters) button and found we were right outside Al Porto Cafe. We ordered lunch and one of our adult up meals was free (roughly $20). Later that evening we went out for a fancy Thai meal and yet another meal was free (mains were $30). In just one day we had just about made the cost of the book back! Both meals were excellent.

Wallaby, yes, I ate the cute fluffy creature.

Wallaby, yes, I ate the cute fluffy creature.

Our holiday continued like this, we used the book as a guide of where to eat and where to visit. It became a running family joke overtime we went anywhere, “is it in the book?”. I even chose my birthday dinner using the book and we had an all Australian meal at Ochre, we saved $45 on that meal.

I am so impressed that I felt I just had to blog about it. Holidays are not cheap and it isn’t always easy to figure out what to do and where to eat in a new city. Having the Entertainment Book made our decision for us.

Double Shot Cafe banana pancakes.

Double Shot Cafe banana pancakes.

We also ate in some spots that we probably wouldn’t have even noticed or considered, I had some of the best banana pancakes I have ever eaten at Double Shot Cafe. I have to admit it is not somewhere we would have gone to without the voucher but it is one of the first places I would return to for excellent banana pancakes and good strong coffee.

My moussaka , it was vey good.

My moussaka , it was very good.

Not only did we go to different places, we were also helped out when we got to our chosen Italian and it was fully booked. We pressed the Near Me button and found we were just below Yaya’s Hellenic Kitchen and Bar. It was right above the Italian. After checking the menu out we headed up and had some of the best Greek food we have eaten outside of Greece. It was very good and will certainly be on our must eat in Cairns list.

As we moved onto Port Douglas there are less eating opportunities but more activity based vouchers. We did visit Siam By The Sea in Port Douglas and saved $20. It was a lovely meal. Also we visited the Wildlife Habitat and one adult was free. Our biggest saving of the trip was an incredible 30% off our Great Barrier Reef trip.

The Silversonic boat.

The Silversonic boat.

The trip is not cheap , using the Entertainment Book we saved a massive $150 , yes, you read right. They took 30% off the price of our booking . Our trip was with The Silver Series Dive and Snorkel and we had an epic day out on the reef. It was everything it should have been and more. We even saw the first whales of the season on our way back to shore.

I have not been sponsored to write this post, I am just writing how much we got out of the Entertainment Book on our family holiday. It made life so much easier and saved us money at the same time. Below are some screen shots of our savings. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Photo 17-07-15 10 26 28 am Photo 17-07-15 10 25 28 am Photo 17-07-15 10 26 37 am